Since 2016, Cortijo Las Monjas offers regular yoga classes in their beautiful garden, from the beginning of spring until autumn if the weather allows it.
And since autumn 2018 the regular classes are held throughout the year, every Saturday to 10 am, thanks to the fact that now you can enjoy our magnificient Sala with underfloor heating and cooling, which makes it very comfortable to practice activities in this place throughout the year, which it happens is that, when the sun shines and the temperature allows it we love practicing yoga outdoors.


It has been a challenge, and a great effort for us to adapt little by little, over the last few years, to become a small retreat center. We still have many more plans to improve and add to our facilities, but today, and thanks to our wonderful sala, we can already say that we are the ideal place to organize any type of course, workshop, retreat or training, related to yoga, or any other discipline, of course.


 Although it´s true, that the most what we have been organizing since we opened the Sala, are yoga training and retreats, therapeutic and mindfulness retreats, it has also been used as a Dojo for karate classes, due to we have an approved Eva rubber tatami 4 cm high density, non-slip and very soft to the touch with bare feet, which minimize the impacts of karate practitioners and is also very suitable for other activities such as biodance, body expression, etc.


Our garden is magic for outdoor yoga classes. There is a large walnut tree that gives good shade in summer and allows you to do the classes in the morning without being in full sun. The views of the surroundings, with the mountains in front, all the flowers, trees and vegetation in the garden, together with the singing of birds and other insects, make the practice of yoga here a unique, super pleasant and complete experience. And at daylight, the sunsets from here, are unique, a yoga practice in the garden before dinner, it can be very special because of the nuances of sunlight, there is no sunset equal to another, all are distinctive, all they are beautiful. If you have never practiced yoga in a place like this, you have to try it, you will love it.

We have a common area, where there is a fully equipped kitchen, and next to the kitchen is the dining room, but with the good weather that normally we can enjoy most of the year, what groups love is eating outside, at the tables of the porch and even in the threshing floor.

Our location offers other possibilities for your retirement, for example easy access to small routes for hiking, we are just 1.5 kilometers from the GR-7 Long Distance trail, which is part of the European route E-4 , and which also coincides with the GR-249, this is with the Gran Senda de Málaga. You can organize routes with different duration and level of difficulty, to take your walk in silence with your students and then arrive at an area where you can sit and meditate or do a practice of yoga, Tai-chi or Chi Kung (Qigong), in the middle of nature.

For more information and personalized budget for groups contact us, we will be happy to make our place and our customer service available to you, we put our souls and all our love so that our house is yours during your stay with us.